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Digital Swatches For Procreate

Quite a while back, I shared a solids library available on open source. And in February, I'm teaching Procreate at QuiltCon, so I've been prepping the class material excitedly and putting all the finishing touches on a fun interactive workbook to learn all the class materials.

So today, I'm excited to share several free sets of digital swatches from the sets of solids that I've collected and updated over the last couple of years, now that Procreate gives you the option to show the swatches in an expanded "Card" format with swatch names. The solids sets and links to download are:

Procreate Swatches
Procreate Swatches
Procreate Swatches

Steps for installing swatches into Procreate, as described below.

And here's how to get them into Procreate:

  1. After downloading the archive links above, open your "Files" app and unzip the files you downloaded.
  2. From a new or existing document in Procreate, click on the Palettes panel from the color tool.
  3. Click the "+" icon and select "New from file".
  4. Select one of the files that you downloaded from the downloaded directory. Your 30 swatch palette should show immediately as a palette.

You can toggle to the "Cards" view to reveal the swatch names.

And that's it! Just like that - you have access to now labeled swatch sets in each solids line. If you happen to be connected to any of these companies and can help improve the swatch listings, please feel free to connect your contact with me at stephskardal at gmail dot com - I'm always looking to improve my tools!