sewing: quilts and more

I’ve been sewing up a storm lately! A little while back, I shared an original quilt and Oliver + S jacket that I sewed. Finishing up that quilt got me into the quilting mood. I sewed my first pieced quilt about two years ago and have sewn a handful of quilted blankets (no piecing) since then, but I didn’t have the confidence to get back into machine pieced quilting, because my sewing skills were at the beginner level and I didn’t have the right tools or enough patience to tackle another one.

But, that all changes when you have a temperamental toddler who doesn’t appreciate your sewing. While I’ve made a few garments for toddler A and baby S in the last few months, toddler A inevitably only wants to wear things with Minnie Mouse, Elsa or Anna, or Hello Kitty. And baby S has tons of hand-me-downs from A, so I find myself wanting to items for the house and occasional garments. On to the projects:

sewing_january (1)

First up is an original quilt using voile for the quilt top and Lotta Jansdotter cotton for the back. This was my second ever pieced quilt and I felt the piecing was a little sloppy due to uneven seams and the difficulty in sewing with voile. It is quilted via stitch-the-ditch. While it has imperfections, I loved how it turned out and it’s a favorite around the house.

sewing_january (2)

Next up is a pair of Oliver + S PJS using the Raglan t-shirt pattern paired with the leggings from another pattern. These were made out of the lovely, new Cloud 9 knits, which are soft and have held up great through several washes (no pilling). I love how these turned out.

sewing_january (4)sewing_january (3)

Finally, shown above are photos of another original quilt I recently finished. Owls! This is machine pieced, made with a variety of fabrics (Kona cotton, shot cotton, Jules & Coco Cotton, voile, Spoonflower scraps from another project). I drew the pattern on my computer (via Photoshop), printed it out and added in seam allowances to create the pieces. For my third pieced quilt, there was an improvement over the piece compared to the first quilt in this post, but I still have an opportunity for improving. I’d love to share this pattern eventually!

What’s next? I’m in the middle of machine quilting a beautiful hexagon quilt that I’ll share on the blog. And I’m participating in a swap put together by my friend Sanae, so I’ll be sure to share pictures of that once the recipient receives the items I make. Follow me on Instagram to see progress.

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