Quilt: Oct 2019: Out of Line

After doing a lot of super planned and organized work, I had several conversations with quilty friends about what improv means and whether or not rulers and/or templates can be used and a quilt still be considered improvisational. Is improv something that allows for rulers or templates but means the overall composition is unplanned, or does improv mean that you can’t use rulers and templates (i.e. no repeating shapes)?

All that being said, I decided to experiment in improv and make a quilt entirely without rulers, mixing high saturation bright colors with low saturation complementary colors in curves. The overall composition gradually came together as I finished the pieces. I created an ad-hoc design wall as the piece evolved.

The hardest part for me during the process was merging all of the pieces and figuring out how to deal with wonkiness. All of this piecing and merging was done without a ruler, too! The final quilt top was extremely wonky, but I thought that I could stretch it out pretty good on my longarm for quilting. I quilted it on my longarm with straight horizontal dense lines, also without a ruler. The quilt, called “Out of Line”, was finished with facing.

Check out the #stephskardalquiltsoct2019line images on Instagram!

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