Quilt: August 2019: Tiny Log Cabins

After working on Confetti Fence, I wanted to push things even further (or skinnier) and try going to piecing 1/8″ strips. I experimented on a few 1/8″ log cabins, testing both traditional piecing and foundation paper piecing, and immediately it became clear that foundation paper piecing would win in terms of accuracy (though not speed!).

Off I went, foundation paper piecing tiny log cabin blocks in a few shades of blue and white in Kona cotton. Originally, I planned to make 16 blocks in total (4×4 blocks), but as I picked up my efficiency, I decided to keep going and eventually settled on making 36 blocks in total, which would allow for 6×6 blocks. I kept with my original plan of 3 shades of blue mixed with white.

When I had 36 blocks, I experimented a bit with various layouts and settled on the final layout. I pieced the 36 tiny log cabins together via 1/8″ piecing, and added 1/8″ binding around the entire piece. Before quilting, I rinsed the quilt top in water to remove the glue used in foundation paper piecing. I quilted it on my domestic machine via a walking foot, using Aurifil 50wt. Warm & Natural batting was used, and Kona cotton binding was added at 1/8″ to match the piecing.

Check out the #stephskardalquiltsaug2019 images on Instagram!

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