How did I get here?

Whenever I make new sewing friends, we inevitably end up talking about our history and experience in sewing. So, here’s a brief summary of the path I’ve taken in getting the the sewist / quilter that I am today.

A brief sewing history

  • I learned how to sew in home economics in 7th grade. I was relatively creative and resourceful at the time in my sewing pursuits of fleece pants and canvas bags, and I enjoyed it.
  • Fast forward a little less than 20 years having done a bit of home decor (pillows, curtains) sewing here and there, but nothing ever fancy with my $100 sewing machine.
  • Then, my first daughter was born in 2013 and I started sewing apparel for her when she was around 6 months old. What I lacked in technique, I made up for with good photos and enthusiasm over her wearing handmade clothes.

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  • The following year, after sewing many apparel pieces, I tackled my first quilt via a pattern (the only quilt pattern I’ve ever followed). I worked on it during while the World Cup was on since I didn’t want to watch hours of soccer with my husband. I thought there were far too many pieces, seams, and steps. I machine quilted it without a walking foot. It is well-loved and well-used in our TV room, and it still holds up! I told myself I would never quilt again after that because it felt like so much work.
  • For the next year or so, I hand quilted a few whole-cloth quilts for relaxation. My second daughter was born at the end of 2014 and I hand quilted a nice quilt with her name on it.
  • Then in 2015, I tackled a couple of original design quilts which were complicated to me at that time. I was really frustrated on one of them, so it sat for several months, but eventually I decided to get over my blockers and finish it.

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  • Because I struggled with those quilts and was unhappy with my technique, I decided I wanted to improve my technique, so I found a local “open sew” class offered by Kathleen Baden, and set out to complete one quilt per month in 2016. I accomplished my goal and continued to improve my technique over that year.

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  • In 2017, I wasn’t been quite as ambitious because I was growing a third daughter who arrived in April of 2017. Tackling many original designs in the last couple of years has helped me hone in on my quilt style and improve on technique. Most of my designs are very modern and geometric, but over time I’ve become more familiar with traditional quilting techniques that occasionally influence what I make.

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