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QuiltCon 2022: A Brief Recap

QuiltCon show floor

I'm back from QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix and I guess I should write a recap. I shared a lot on Instagram while I was at QuiltCon. You can find that here.

QuiltCon 2022
QuiltCon 2022
QuiltCon 2022

The Friends

It would be an understatement for me to say that hanging out with my quilty friends in Phoenix during QuiltCon was good for the soul. Like everyone else, I've been keeping a low profile for the last two years. I've barely socialized in 3D, though last summer I had a very small chance to hang out with non-quilty friends.

Anyways, back to the friends. I went running with them, ran into them on the show floor, ate lunch with them, ate dinner with them, ate waffles for breakfast with them, and sat at my hotel lobby and laughed with them. It was great. And a handful of them were lecturers or teachers this year, so it was fun to share that experience with them too! Mostly, I loved laughing with friends and chatting about creativity. This really was the best part for me this year.

The Quilts

Outside of attending lectures in my free time and hanging out with friends, I wandered the quilt show on multiple days throughout QuiltCon. I'm always amazed to see what other makers create to both celebrate tradition and explore new techniques entirely. In past years, I've shared a breakdown of the quilts and categories, and this year is no different. Except this time, Laura Loewen of Quilt Fort Company sent the numbers to me so I didn't hand count them myself. Thanks Laura!!!

2022 Breakdown (481 total)

2021 Breakdown (340 total)

2020 Breakdown (428 total)

2019 Breakdown (387 total)

The Teaching

This year, I taught Procreate for Quilting at intro and intermediate levels. My classes had a corresponding workbook that I put together for both classes. Minus some Wi-Fi issues that left me *extremely* stressed out in my first class, and some other minor technology challenges, teaching went well. My students learned and had a take home workbook, and hopefully they will continue to learn Procreate!

I have had quite a bit of interest around selling my Procreate workbook outside of QuiltCon, which I plan to do. I'm making some tiny tweaks on my workbook and hope to have a listing out soon.

Coffee time

Next Year?

I plan to attend QuiltCon next year in Atlanta. I hope you'll be there too!