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Quilt: April 2019 (Chainmail Fish Scale)

I finished this quilt back in April, but I've had too much going on to get it written up here. I think the IG microblogging posts go through a lot of the history of this quilt, but I'll summarize some important details (and you can see the IG posts below):

  • I was first inspired to create a quilt with holes (and at the same time inspired by weaving), similar to how some crochet stitches have holes.
  • At some point, that inspiration led to me pondering chainmail and how quilty chain mail could be created.
  • I experimented with a few different construction techniques and colors, and ultimately settled on a construction method and a two color design.
  • Each single ring in the finalized construction is made up of two color pieces (halves) joined with ladder stitch. A half ring is made up of a quilty sandwich that is first sewn with right sides together and then flipped (similar to how a strap can be created) where basted batting stays in the middle of the quilt sandwich. The batting is used as the template.
  • All construction was done with Aurifil 50wt thread on my domestic machine (Juki), and hand stitching was used for joining the ring halves. Warm & Natural cotton batting was used.
  • The final quilt is 12 rings x 12 rings, measuring approx 48"x48". I did end up tack stitching the rings together to keep colors in a specific layout, which is ideal for hanging the quilt.