Aurifil now in the Color Wheel

Hello, blog readers! It’s been a while. My life has been a little crazy since my last blog post in late February on QuiltCon 2019. Around that time, we were in the early phases of a potential move to Ohio. We were starting to figure out a timeline for moving to be in Ohio for the summer, including all the challenges associated with buying and selling a house, and moving with little kids (Yippee?!!!). And here we are about four months later on the flip side, working on getting settled in our new home in Ohio. This means back to blogging, too!

Anyways, I’m happy to share that the 270 Aurifil colors are now included in my color wheel tool. As a newly appointed Aurifil Artisan, I have the opportunity to participate in fun Aurifil challenges throughout the year. I am motivated to experiment with new colors and thread weights in the Aurifil product line, and what better way to start than adding the Aurifil colors to my color wheel to experiment with color combinations (both within Aurifil thread only, and relative to fabric colors).

Aurifil sells a variety of thread weights, some in all of the 270 colors, and others in a limited color offering. You can find the Aurifil product guide here to review all the thread weights and see recommendations on how to use them.

Some Fun combinations

Below are a few fun color combinations I’ve come up with to start using the color wheel tool. Not shown here, you can pair Aurifil colors with a number of solids fabric offerings, too!

Match: Colors very close in hue

Example 1

Aurifil Tangerine Dream 6729Aurifil Peach 2215Aurifil Light Blush 2420

Example 2

Aurifil Magenta 2535Aurifil Light Magenta 2588Aurifil Wine 5003Aurifil Very Dark Eggplant 1240

Complementary: Colors on opposing sides on the color wheel

Example 1

Aurifil Bright Orange 1133Aurifil Chocolate 2360Aurifil Tramonto a Zoagli 4657Aurifil Very Light Delft 2770Aurifil Swallow 6734

Example 2

Aurifil Red Plum 1100Aurifil Plum 4030Aurifil Very Dark Brown 2465Aurifil Spring Green 1231Aurifil Earl Gray 6732Aurifil Moonshine 6724

Triadic: Three colors (or more, close in hue), spread evenly throughout the color wheel

Example 1

Aurifil Golden Honey 2214Aurifil Magenta 2535Aurifil Light Magenta 2588Aurifil Wine 5003Aurifil Very Dark Eggplant 1240Aurifil Green Yellow 2884Aurifil Dark Grass Green 5018Aurifil Light Fern 2882

Example 2

Aurifil Tangerine Dream 6729Aurifil Peach 2215Aurifil Fleshy Pink 2420Aurifil Dark Delft Blue 2780Aurifil Light Leaf Green 1147

Analogous: Colors close in hue (but not considered a match)

Example 1

Aurifil Copper 2350Aurifil Dusty Orange 1154Aurifil Cinnabar 6728Aurifil Tangerine Dream 6729Aurifil Peach 2215Aurifil Fleshy Pink 2420

Example 2

Aurifil Peacock Blue 6738Aurifil Very Light Delft 2770Aurifil Swallow 6734Aurifil Midnight 2745Aurifil Steel Blue 2775Aurifil Light Wedgewood 2725

Public Service Announcement on Color Representation

Remember, these colors are only as accurate as the hex colors used, and color display can vary across monitors. The colors in the tool have been collected a few different ways, and color representation can change as the lighting changes. I recommend using the tool as a starting point for inspiration, and then if possible, checking a physical swatch of the substrate (or thread) before purchase. Happy making!

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