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Welcome to "A Quilty Solid"

A Quilty Solid

Hi there! I've just released my new iOS and Android app called "A Quilty Solid", which ports over a few of my existing web tools to a more mobile experience, and adds a few new features.

Find the app here!

See release notes below on specific tools and color lines available per release. All tools include an additional brief help screen for more information. I expect to add more tools over time, as well as improve existing tools, as well as launch to Android as well.

Screenshots of A Quilty Solid

Please email me at stephskardal at gmail dot com with questions or concerns.

Release 0.4.5 (December X, 2022)

  • Tools:
    • Addition of new Color Search tool - search by name or ID
  • Solids lines:
    • Spoonflower solids added
    • Art Gallery PURE Solids updated
  • Other:
    • Moved About page to clickable logo
    • Small design tweaks through to highlight color name

Release 0.4.4 (December 4th, 2022)

  • Tools:
    • Alphabetization of color swatch keys on all tools
    • Removal of duplicate color matches on Image Color Palette
  • Solids lines:
    • Colors of the Year (COTY) 2023 for Pantone and Kona added
    • Addition of Northcott Colorworks Premium Solids
    • Updated Painters palette solids released in mid 2022
  • Other:
    • Removal of unused depencies to reduce app size

Beta Release 0.4.3 (December 2nd, 2022)

Initial launch with features:

  • Color List: Index of color solids lines. Sortable by hue, saturation, and value.
  • Pantone matcher: Color matching against Pantone solids.
  • Image Color Palette: Color palette generation from provided image.
  • Solids lines included:
    • Aurifil Thread
    • paintbrush studio fabrics
    • Pure Elements AGF Studio
    • Free Spirit Solids
    • Riley Blake Designs Confetti Cottons
    • Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton
    • Moda Bella Solids
    • Clothworks American Made Brand Cotton Solids
    • Michael Miller Cotton Couture
    • RJR Studio Cotton Supremes
    • Andover Century Solids
    • Pantone