About Me

Hi, I’m Steph! I sew things. Lately more often than not, those things have been quilts. So, here I’ve put together a website for me to store photos and notes on those things that I’ve been making.

Let’s get personal

I live in Columbus area, Ohio, with my husband, three young daughters, one dog, and many sewing machines and yards of fabric. I work part-time as an ecommerce software engineer for End Point and I am an independent photographer. I try to find just a bit of time each day to work on sewing projects, since it can be hard to fit everything in. Below is a glimpse into my life as a mom and sewist!

On Sewing

I started this website in September of 2017 to begin to curate a quilt-folio to highlight finished quilts. Read here about my journey into sewing.

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